Live Profiler

Live Profiler is a system-wide performance monitoring system in use at Badoo that is built on top of XHProf or its forks (Uprofiler or Tideways). Live Profiler continually gathers function-level profiler data from production tier by running a sample of page requests under XHProf.

Live profiler UI then aggregates the profile data corresponding to individual requests by various dimensions such a time, page type, and can help answer a variety of questions such as: What is the function-level profile for a specific page? How expensive is function "foo" across all pages, or on a specific page? What functions regressed most in the last day/week/month? What is the historical trend for execution time of a page/function? and so on.

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You can use a plugin for PhpStorm to see when the method was used last time and ho much time it takes
Source code and documentation is here
A plugin for PhpStorm
A plugin for PhpStorm

You can see graphs for every parameters and every methods up to 6 months.
Each graph includs children stats. It helps to see the history of changes, stats for this method, the method's parents amd the method's children.
Method graph

Flame graph allows a simple way to analyze a full call stack and find a problem.
Flame graph